“Camel Milk and Bedlam” by David Lohrey


My brother warned me against going to Saudi Arabia. He said I would be kidnapped and left in the desert to the jackals. I admit to allowing his paranoia to get to me but not enough to dissuade me. I took the job teaching at King Fahd University and left for Dhahran.

Teaching Saudi boys is not easy. These guys were immature and rather rowdy. They tested my patience and made me feel at times that I might not make it. The students had to pass my course before being allowed to take college courses for credit. Many would fail.

I lived on campus about ½ kilometer from the classroom building. At 36 to 48 degrees Celsius, it could be tough going, that walk. Nonetheless, I did it twice daily. It was cooler in the evening but I finished class before the sun set. That first week was disorienting. I…

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