George Blamey-Steeden


The old man with a walking stick pointed it at the squirrels in the graveyard. He told the little kid walking with him that the squirrels were vermin. The kid said he liked them and wanted one as a pet. The old man answered, ‘No way’.

Ten years later, the old man with the walking stick now dead and buried, the same kid, now older, taller and on a skateboard, kick-flipping his way through the same graveyard saw a squirrel sat on his dead granddad’s headstone.

A girl with a camera was taking photos of the squirrel sat on the old man’s headstone. The kid, now older, taller and still on his skateboard, circling her, asked why she was taking pics of vermin. She never answered, just looked the kid up and down, then carried on taking shots.

Another ten years later, the world was coming to an end. The…

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