George Blamey-Steeden


A Zoolon aside: I took a few pics of the Royal Military Canal running through the town of Hythe just up the coast from me the other day. I’d often wondered what the purpose of the canal was/is. I checked out its history. It runs 28 miles more or less parallel to the sea and was built as a defence against invasion during the Napoleonic Wars with France (1793 – 1815). Work started on 30 October 1804. Digging took just 22 months but the canal was not finished and ready for service until 1812. By then the French Navy had been defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) and there was no longer any threat of invasion – which makes it a bit pointless, yet not totally pointless as the canal is now a great habitat for wildlife especially in summer when it comes alive with patrolling dragonflies, noisy…

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