(mysterium) – (poetry)


Southern night. Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky, 1848

1 – Taken from Camilo Pessanha’s Clepsydra, this stanza translates roughly as such:
“Sails the vessel. Over clear water
One can see the seafloor, of fine sand…
— Impeccable peregrine figure,
The endless distance that separates us!”

Strung together strangely from a restricted form, (mysterium) is to be part of three independent but thematically linked compositions illumed by the mystical phrase “Mysterium, tremendum et fascinans“, though I believe no unique part is to be distinguished by its focus, rather, to be analysed conically, which was a welcomed formal challenge. Echoes of antediluvian lyricism add to a sentiment of distensibility: verses are presented as rhythmic pairs with a distance that forbids any true pairing, colouring a sense of ruthful or dramaturgic positions of meaning. But the clearings where the metric hits are whetted blades, as shocks of approximation or complete collisions.
Another attempt…

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