Nine by David Lohrey   I remember nine. Nine is key. At nine one is too young to masturbate. At nine there are no girls. Nine is great because at nine one has very little to think about. I had no ambitions. At most, I regretted missing an episode of Batman. At most, I was … More in STICKMAN REVUE


  Multicultural Sushi Japan without Japanese is China. America is an airport with an annex. It’s less a culture than a location, a living space. Do we really want more and more of Houston? A Dallas that stretches from sea to sea is bad enough. Must it now be exported to the rest of the … More in TERROR HOUSE


“Kabuki Underground,” “Kings of Comedy,” “Patriotic Sadism,” and Other Poems November 28, 2018 |In Poetry |By David Lohrey   Kabuki Underground I was standing with my pelvis thrust forward; my crotch fit just so at ground zero, facing the Taj Mahal. She seemed to lean into it, making an adjustment, or it seemed so in … More in TERROR HOUSE


A Fifty-Minute Hour They are coming for our potatoes. They last came for our cigarettes; next our pigs. They left me with an e-cig and a shaker of seasoning. Where is the Honorable Jacob Rees-Mogg when I need him? They still teach English at Eton. My best friend tells me Yale can prove conservatives lack … More in OTOLITHS (AUS)

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A Global Divergent Literary Collective   Two Ten Second Plays-David Lohrey Eminent Domain   JOSEPHINE (SHE’s just entered, still in hat and coat.) You’re not nearly as tall as I had imagined. CHRIS Josephine? JOSEPHINE Larry’s always liked big things: St. Bernards, Cathedrals, winter grapefruit. Do you have a big thing? CHRIS How did you get … More in Sudden Denouement