David Lohrey

Originally posted on BoySlut:
Hand to Mouth ? We die alone because old people stop fucking. Once you give up sex, you’re on your own. That so-called friend, your partner, no longer returns your phone calls. She’s found someone, as people used to say. ? She’s found somebody else is a polite way to say…


NEXT TIME BY DAVID LOHREY Jan 31, 2019 | There’s no tomorrow and yesterday’s forgotten.   Dad saw himself as disabled and in some ways he was. He was an emotional cripple, that’s for sure. He flew into rages over nothing.   I once got up the courage to point out there were no other … More in RAVENSPERCH


Originally posted on RamJet Poetry:
I. Temper temper temper Speaking 31 flavors Of madness, you stalk me once again Dance in iris tourniquet Titan Breaking through seals Make the deal A Devil sits at my table Progenitor of pale hollow The air in here is casual A callous malice whispers Pressing upon all the dreams…


“Does it Need a Title?”, “Street Theatre,” “Literary Property,” and Other Poems January 29, 2019 |By David Lohrey   Does it Need a Title? There is nothing sadder than an old elephant at the zoo. All alone, the color of tarmac; a gigantic mouse behind bars. She stands at the ready, to turn around and … More in TERROR HOUSE


TUCK MAGAZINE – Online political, human rights and arts magazine   Poetry January 18, 2019Poetry , POETRY / FICTION Christophe Leung photo By David Lohrey   Never Say Never   We are not far in America – and is it just in America – from evolving a right to feel good about oneself. Yo! my … More in TUCK MAGAZINE