Simon Trewin

Hampshire Writers' Society

SimonTrewinSimon Trewin, Literary Agent, Head of the London Branch of Literary Agency, WME.

Report by Lisa Nightingale

‘Don’t be in a hurry.’ is Simon Trewin’s advice. The Publishing world is slow. In the publishing industry there is movement, but it is often amongst itself. The industry runs the risk of becoming an island of in-breeds.

It is when an idea in a person’s head will not go away until it has been written down that they become an author. Validation of their creativity comes with an agent.

Unfortunately, the publishing industry has taken a path where the writer’s talent is dumbed down by a deal and a big cheque. Publishing has been suffocated by business and as a result, it is more concerned with turnover.

Currently publishers are putting lots of energy into debut authors – not such good news for the author’s future career. This is where your agent…

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One thought on “Simon Trewin

  1. Thank you David, I’m pleased you found my report useful, I hope your readers do too. Simon Trewin’s talk was a while ago, although it seems his comments are still quite relevant. I remember his advice, very much taking it, throughout my own writing and publishing experiences.


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