George Blamey-Steeden

francesca woodman

I don’t know its name, or if its even got a name. However this work of art from Francesca Woodman’s portfolio captures that feeling of being ‘locked in’

When I get bored – that happens quite a lot because of being locked-in with too much on my mind and nothing much I feel like doing – I end up playing the game of ‘WHAT IF?’ Pointless, I know and certainly there’s no song to be made from this one even though it sings OK. Even so, I put my ‘WHAT IF’S’ to basic lyric.

WHAT IF no one ever finds a cure for the corona virus?
Does that mean we’ll stay locked in and grow long hair?
We might as well count the days to global melt down
And for End Times, maybe a good idea to prepare
Newsreels, they talk about this disaster
Even so, I believe the medics…

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